Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

The movie is indeed crazy; not all that stupid, and full of love. In fact, it is based on the idea of having that one true love in your life; the one soulmate that you're destined to find, here, on Earth. One doesn't need to go far in their heads to connect with the movie. It is simple and touches you straight to the heart. Steve Carell is a typical husband who has been in a marriage for 25 years, and Julianne Moore is that typical (not all that typical in India though) wife who deals with so much in life that she chooses to withdraw and find another man who could bring bury her concerns. Ryan Gosling, in my view, has been ultra-sexy in this movie and has played the character of a hot hunk picking up women from the bar each night bloody damn well. When Steve finds out about Moore's affair and her need for a divorce, he goes into a shell, finding a way out of which, for him, gets seemingly impossible. Drowning his sorrows in a bar, he finds Ryan calling on him to help him rediscover the man he was once upon a time. I found this part incredibly meaningful and real. All too often, men find themselves losing their identity in a relationship that has lasted years together. It is the continual revival of the Self, in my view, that ensures one leads a more happier and fulfilling life.

The twist in the tale that you don't see coming (if you have not already watched the trailer a dozen times along with the "Making of Crazy, Stupid, Love.") is that Ryan falls in love, and very dramatically so. This is where the love part of the movie sets in. With a few more twists and turns, the movie ends in a reinforcement of the aforementioned idea of each one destined to have his/her one true love.

It is a lovely movie to watch; touches all those romantic souls (including me) quite deeply.

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