Monday, 10 October 2011

The Torch-bearers of the Nation

India’s history calls for a powerful youth-led social activism. 1883, the year that witnessed the beginnings of the civil rights movement by a young Gandhi, can be regarded as a spark that rapidly spread the fire of youth-led social activism ever since in Modern India. That which Gandhi started, refuses to die down even today, as it created an India that was never to tolerate any form of social injustice. Inside of this creation, it was the youth that were to be the torchbearers carrying the bright light of ever-inspiring social change from the revolutionary leaders of the past. As is said on countless occasions, yet never ceasing to be true, the future of India lies in the hands of youth, and social activism is that vehicle which can bring about ownership and responsibility among the mass, contributing towards accomplishing an extraordinary future that India envisions.

P.S. This was an article I had submitted to The Education Times as a part of their contest in which 150-word articles concerning the role of youth in social activism were invited from all over India. They selected 5 entries. Mine didn't appear in the newspaper, but it surely belonged here as my personal piece of writing. 


sneha said...

It is more important that you believe in what you wrote... And honestly, I believe there is a room for a lot of improvement on our side, as youth of India... especially since most of us have consider it our religion to follow everything the powerful majority does.

Karan Kamble said...

Very well said. However, during the recent times, it seems that the "youth" have gone contrarian.

PS: Why aren't you blogging any more?